Primary Plasticizers: Rymsaplas®

Plasticizers suitable for single-ingredient. Read more>>

Compatible plasticizers suitable for single-ingredient formulation. They offer minimal extraction with solvents, soaps and oils and minimal migration. (more…)

Epoxidized Plasticizers: Pantopox®

Plasticizers with a lower solvation.

Plasticizers with a lower solvation compared with primary plasticizers. Nevertheless, they offer two substantial features which are important in vinyl formulations: (more…)

Polymeric Plasticizers: Pantoplas®

High performance plasticizers to PVC. Leer más >>

Specialty plasticizers are providing high performance characteristics to PVC compound, such as better resistance to migration, low extractability in solvents and detergents, as well as resistance to low temperatures. Very recommended industrial footwear manufacturing, geo-membranes, industrial hoses and cooling profiles. (more…)

Polyols: Rymsapol®

Can be used in rigid foam insulation. 

Resins for formulating polyurethane systems. Can be used in rigid foam insulation (construction and refrigeration), soundproofing, molded packaging, construction panel, doors and moldings. Also in flexible foams for shoe soles, acojina-ments, mattresses and coatings. (more…)

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