Plasticizers with a lower solvation.

Plasticizers with a lower solvation compared with primary plasticizers. Nevertheless, they offer two substantial features which are important in vinyl formulations:

1. Supplementary thermal stabilizer. The high oxygen-oxirane value allow the inhibition of hydrochloric acid produced by thermal decomposition of the material, improving long-term thermal stability, initial color and open air exposure resistance.

2. Pigment dispersant

3. Methyl esters provide plastisoles and organosoles with an initial viscosity control, giving depressor charateristics.

These supplementary plasticizers are essential components in PVC formulations. Recommended as co-stabilizers due to their high thermal oxirane, so having a high synergy with traditional thermal stabilizers, maintaining excellent stability to light and heat.

Its low acidity effectively retards the decomposition of the PVC compound

Pantopox: Epoxidized Soybean Oil plasticizer

Rymsapox 520: Soybean Oil Epoxidized methyl ester (viscosity depressor)

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