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Specialty plasticizers are providing high performance characteristics to PVC compound, such as better resistance to migration, low extractability in solvents and detergents, as well as resistance to low temperatures. Very recommended industrial footwear manufacturing, geo-membranes, industrial hoses and cooling profiles.

Highly recommended for all applications, since in low concentrations improves the performance of any vinyl application.

Pantoplas 20: Medium molecular wight aliphatic plasticizer

Pantoplas 26: Medium molecular weight aliphatic plasticizer

Pantoplas 26G: Plasticizer medium molecular weight aliphatic aromatic

Pantoplas M60V: Low molecular weight aliphatic plasticizer

Pantoplas 626: Aromatic plasticizer

Pantoplas 70/30: is polymeric plasticizer of medium molecular weight

Pantoplas 925: Polymeric plasticizer of high boiling

Pantoplas 9260: Amber color plasticizer moderately viscous with a high boiling point

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