Our quality policy is expressed through our firm commitment to fully meet the requirements and expectations of our CUSTOMERS and relevant stakeholders, for this we guarantee to promote a quality service culture based on the principles of honesty, leadership and development of human value, solidarity , commitment to improvement, security in our operations and integral responsibility, with a focus on sustainability.

We comply with international standards standards such as ISO-9001: 2015.



Resinas y Materiales, S.A. de C.V. works constantly to maintain a balance between business value generation and environment preservation. We manufacture and sell high quality intermediate products aimed at industrial polymer markets with a culture of continuous improvement of Environmental Management, analyzing our processes and activities, in order to optimize them preventing damage to personnel, community and the environment.
To fulfill our environmental policy we are committed to:
◊ Communicate our Environmental Policy to each collaborator, so they can carry out their work responsibly applying all the established rules and procedures properly.
◊ Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory environmental requirements.
◊ Analyze, investigate and, where appropriate, develop new products and/or procedures that can reduce the environmental impact of our operations.
◊ Ensure the efficient use of energy, material and natural resources.
◊ Take advantage of our main waste by focusing on its reduction, recycling and reuse.
◊ Maintain an open dialogue and collaboration in environmental subjects with our main business partners.



Resinas y Materiales, S.A. de C.V., considers individuals its performance fundamental axis, that is why we commit to respect and apply universal human rights, particularly with our collaborators, suppliers, clients and community where we operate.
Our goal is to ensure that throughout the organization, when making decisions or when carrying out any activity, the following principles are practiced:
◊ Provide dignified employment, supporting personal and labor growth, providing fair compensation and extraordinary benefits.
◊ Promote healthy working relationships, so any type of child labor, forced or discriminatory, is prohibited.
◊ Provide and maintain a safe, clean and healthy workplace.
◊ Recognizing and respecting freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
◊ Ensure equal opportunities, considering exclusively the skills, knowledge and performance of collaborators, regardless of social origin, religion, sex, sexual preference, age, prejudice or personal interests.
◊ Comply with current and applicable legislation, in labor matters, and where possible, exceed the requirements.

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